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  • | 23 October 2020

Today we’re going to talk about the village Zafimaniry

Zafimaniry woman, Madagascar

It’s situated around 300 km. from Tana.
I want to talk about this village cause I think when people want to visit Madagascar they have a lot of choice:

  • Hiking
  • National parks
  • Diving
  • Mountains

But Zafimaniry is for me something really important cause you can understand the real life of Malagasy people, of course some hiking to do but appreciating how these people live with little things. I mean we can understand and appreciate more our life. Appreciating the present moment, destination is not important when you can see this huge territory.

Considered as UNESCO heritage, it’s really huge and protected area. All of them use wood for their daily life, for construction, sculpture. For them it’s a toy before being an art. After talking to the chief of the village you can understand that in little community the government is not in need, they have their own rules and they can leave in harmony with the nature. There is a lot to do to in this village, most of people do two or three days hike so one or two nights sleeping in the village. Of course you can do more, 7 days dropped to the capital of the village “Antoetra” then picked up in “Ifanadiana” or back to the departure point. As protected and the way for going there is not really good with few buses reaching the capital a week you can be the only one “Vazaha or foreigners to this area.

I have done this hundred of times, still, every time I’m excited to go again.

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