Some Tours in Madagascar (you could always plan your own)

West of Madagascar Tour

Renting a Car Without Driver in Madagascar

Renting a car to drive on your own in Madagascar might be very dificult. Even seem to be impossible, but you can do it with us if we plan it with time. Check out how you are supposed to rent a car without a driver in Madagascar.

Ranomafana River, in Ranomafana National Park, Madagascar.

Mammal Tour

Join this beautiful tour around Madagascar emblematic places. Day and Night Hiking to see Lemurs, Chameleons and surrounded by the nature in the forest. Let us help plan this tour around Madagascar Island.

Baobab Avenue near Morondava, Madagascar.

Tsingy and Baobab Tour

Join this amazing tour starting from Morondava, going to Tsingy Park, getting to see the Baobab Avenue, some lemurs and the only predator of lemurs, the fossa. Get to know Madagascar with us.

Indri Indri, black and white ruffed lemur in Madagascar.

Indri Indri Tour

Follow this tour around Madagascar and get to see the amazing lemurs. You can see the smallest and biggest lemurs in the world and be in contact with the Madagascar nature.

Tsiribihina River Tour, Pirogue in Madagascar.

Tsiribihina River Tour, Tsingy included

Follow the Tsiribihina River in this magical tour around Madagascar. We also go to Tsingy Park to be in touch with malagasy nature. Check everything you might need to book with us.

RN7 in Madagascar.

South Tour RN7

Take the RN7 road with us and travel to the south of Madagascar to see lemurs, Zafimaniry village, hike Madagascar mountains and enjoy some days in the beach. Let us help you plan your tour in Madagascar.

West of Madagascar Tour

West Tour

Visit the West of Madagascar in this amazing and entertaining tour to the West with Madacartour. We will show some of the best places, amazing parks and some baobabs and beautiful places.

South of Madagascar Tour

North Tour

Visit the North of Madagascar in this amazing and entertaining tour to the North with Madacartour. We will show some of the best places, amazing parks, some beautiful beaches and great places.

East of Madagascar Tour

East Tour

Visit the East of Madagascar in this amazing and entertaining tour to the East with Madacartour. We will show some of the best places, amazing parks, some incredible beaches and so many beautiful places.

Tulear, Madagascar

From Tuléar to Morondava

Follow this amazing tour from Tuléar to Morondava, travelling around Madagascar with our best tour guides going around the beautiful malagasy coast.

Who are we? Planning Tours around Madagascar since 2013

Travelled with over 350 people to 60 locations.

Planning Tours around Madagascar since 2013.

Established in 2013 in Antananarivo by Brilland Andriamirindra, Madacartour offers a variety of pre-planned tours around Madagascar. Also adapting plans depending on traveler’s time and budget, and also supporting visitors planning their own excursions.
With Madacartour visitors can explore beautiful beaches, go hiking, visit the rainforest, and travel through desert tours, visit national parks, go on diving expeditions, booking domestic flight, and get to know the rich culture and ecological diversity on the island.

Every members of the team is certified as national guides, professionally trained in safety and first aid, and have extensive experience leading tours across Madagascar to diverse visitors from all over the world. All guides speak English, French, and Malagasy.

Why you need a guide to travel around Madagascar?

While having a national guide in Madagascar is not required, it is highly recommended because:

  • English is rarely spoken in the country, and fluent French is not often spoken in rural areas. Our national guides can assist you in communicating with locals, as well as with local guides, who are often required to visit national tourist attractions
  • Guides can help visitors navigate parts of the country where GPS does not function
  • Various tourist sites require driver guides for access due to road conditions
  • Guides can manage hotel accommodations and dining options based on your wishes and budget
  • Guides can assist visitors in an emergency, or can help them navigate the limited health infrastructure in the country as needed.

Our value as tour operators in Madagascar

  • You’ll increase your curiosity and humility cause we’ll try to make you knowing another face of Madagascar and Malagasy people way of life
  • Roads in Madagascar are complicated. 120km can be 2 or 4 hours so we’ll try to enjoy each trip and each moment outdoor. The planning we’ll be always adapted to your need; seeing these people packed like sardines in 15 seats bus and they are 30 people inside and changing departure time will make you sad and you’ll understand how lucky and safe you are to be in group of person that you like to be with, that will improve your next trip
  • You’ll meet Malagasy people and culture
  • You’ll feel at that time that being human is really important for improvement, Madagascar we’ll make you creative, it’ll make you imaginative and inspired cause you’ll learn different culture and everything need to be start in Madagascar, you’ll have opportunities to feel it
  • Different point of view will come to your mind cause everything is totally different here, at least animals is endemic, there is a lot of diversity, North, South, East and West part of Madagascar is totally different you’ll feel like in a different country in each part, you’ll be more happier and will do some hike, after these hike you’ll anticipate things more than it was, it’ll make you more patient cause Madagascar is “mora mora” country it means everything is 20miles per hour instead of 200miles per hour in your country.
  • If you take the South tour you’ll have opportunities to plant trees and to see us sharing copybooks and pens in one association cause 50% of the benefit of Madacartour we’ll be re invest to the community helping kids going to school, having fun and bringing good vibes is essential in our life so we’ll try to ask you having more fun and sending always good vibes. At least not the last we’ll try to reduce pollution in the world so we’ll try to not use A/C and planting trees for the south tour is on the schedule.

Things that you should know before booking a tour in Madagascar

We’ll always advice you to take tours cause if something happen we’ll do our best for finding solution so you don’t need to think about drawbacks who can make you under stress, we’ll do all bookings and arrange activities depends on your need and try to make your trip easier but you should know that Madagascar is part of Africa so try to bring things like medications or your own pillow cause sometimes you’ll not find things that you want here, don’t expect top accommodation even standard accommodation cause these people try to do their best and we’ll try to choose best places (clean with bathroom and shower) that we has seen before for giving you more satisfaction. Cause we has done tours that we advice you, testing everything that you will do so your advice in case will be welcome.

We can book flight ticket but we are not responsible of any flight changing but will do everything to figure it out.

In case that you rent a car by your own with us, we’ll give you a tent, helping you to do the itinerary and showing you activities that you can do, we can advice you local guide and showing you where to sleep or where to camp depends on your need.

Do you want to know more things about Madagascar? Just check this page with information about the Lemurs’ Island.

Adventures in Madagascar

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Trip report 2022

  • by Brilland Andriamirindra
  • 27 May 2022

Trip report 2022 from Madagascar. We keep doing tours, so if you want to come visit us, just do so 😀

Today we’re going to talk about the village Zafimaniry

  • by
  • 23 October 2020

It’s situated around 300 km. from Tana.I want to talk about this village cause I think when people want to visit Madagascar they have a lot of choice: Hiking National parks Diving Mountains But Zafimaniry is for me something really important cause you can understand the real life of Malagasy people, of course some hiking […]

Trip Report 2019.

  • by Brilland Andriamirindra
  • 14 December 2019

2019 has been a great year. We have had the chance to travel all around Madagascar with amazning travellers and get to know marvelous places, beautiful wild life, lemurs, landscapes. We hope to continue helping you planning tours around Madagascar.

Trip report 2022

Trip report 2022

27 May 2022
Zafimaniry woman, Madagascar

Today we’re going to talk about the village Zafimaniry

23 October 2020

Trip Report 2019.

14 December 2019

20 hours ago

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3 days ago

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7 days ago

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star rating  In October, following our friend recommendation, we travelled in Madagascar with Brilland Andriamirindra. Brilland - is a super nice and friendly owner of MadaCarTour, a small Tana company providing you... read more

Zootraveler Z
30 November 2019

star rating  My buddy and I went to Madagascar for 2 weeks in early November (2022). About 3 weeks before our departure we contacted Bryan from Madacartour and gave him our rough... read more

25 November 2022

star rating  We are very satisfied about the performance of Madacartour and of its key person Brian. He understands very well to advice according to our wishes. This helped a lot to... read more

28 November 2018

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